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Front Sight All-Inclusive Diamond Membership


FROM: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight's Founder and Director
Four Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

Welcome to the Front Sight Diamond Membership!

If you are the type of person who never settles for good enough or second best... If you choose the automobile you drive based on its whiplash performance or undisputed luxury and couldn't care less about its gas mileage... If you know what it is like to travel first-class, stay in five-star resorts and eat in gourmet restaurants, then you won't settle for anything less than an All-Inclusive Diamond Membership. Go right to the top...

The Front Sight All-Inclusive Diamond Membership Benefits:

The VALUE of an All-Inclusive Diamond Membership is OFF THE CHARTS!

With over 50 courses to attend PLUS any courses we create in the future your value exceeds $75,000!

So What's it Going to Cost YOU to Become an All-Inclusive Diamond Member?

Front Sight Diamond Membership is a single payment of $15,000



  Ignatius Piazza

Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Four Weapons Combat Master

PS: To see more video testimonials of your fellow students sharing why a Front Sight Membership has made such a positive impact on their lives, click on testimonials.

All Front Sight Memberships offered in the past, the present, and future, including any special memberships not listed here, are NON REFUNDABLE.

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