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Please read ALL the information in the FAQ below. If your question is not found in the FAQ, or you need help regarding Front Sight’s CCW course, contact


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General FAQ

Nevada & Utah Permit FAQ

Front Sight CCW Course FAQ

Day of the CCW Course

After the CCW Course

Permit Renewals

Additional Information

California Counties that Recognize Front Sight’s Training



Clark County (NV) Residents:

People have reported that someone at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has told them that Front Sight’s training is not accepted. In fact, LVMPD’s website indicates all training for Nevada CCWs must be completed with a certified Nevada instructor inside the state of Nevada, and also provides a list of Clark County certified instructors. Nevada residents can take their training anywhere inside the state of Nevada with a certified instructor, but they must turn in their applications to the designated agency in the county they reside in.

California Students:

Because of the law changes starting 01 January 2019, California students will need additional training in the CA Penal Code, which Front Sight does not provide. You can receive this training by going to Safe Insight and completing their online course (approximately $50). You will then be emailed a certificate.

  • Please print this certificate and bring it with you to Front Sight to present to your CCW instructors.
  • This only applies to students living in counties that accept Front Sight’s training.
  • We will only issue CA training letters to those students who present their certificates and who live in counties that responded YES to accepting Front Sight’s training (list at the end of this FAQ).

California Counties that Accept Front Sight’s Training: Please see the list of applicable California counties at the end of the FAQ.

Nye County Sheriff’s Office (Pahrump) Hours and Directions:

  • Open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (closed holidays).
  • Located at 1521 East Siri Ln, Pahrump NV
  • The Sheriff’s Office can only process a certain number of our students on Tuesday and Friday afternoons before they have to close at 4:00 PM. If your travel arrangements are flexible, consider going in on the next regular business day instead.
  • Driving Directions: Take Hwy 160 to Pahrump. Turn right on Basin Ave (3rd traffic light in Pahrump). Turn left on Kittyhawk Dr, turn right on Siri Ln, turn right into the parking lot.
  • The Admin Office is right across from the handicap parking spaces in the Jail building.
  • There will be a simple map available for you to take while you are waiting for your paperwork to be signed.


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What are the requirements to apply for a CCW?

You will have met most of the training requirements during your 2- or 4-Day Defensive Handgun course, and you will complete the training requirements for Nevada and Utah during the 1-Day CCW course. In addition:

  • You must be a US citizen (or a resident alien with a card or document as proof, along with at least three months’ proof of a physical address inside the US).
  • You must within one year of your 21st birthday for a Standard permit, or within one year of your 18th birthday to apply for the Utah Provisional permit.
    • A few states will issue to 18 years or older; restrictions apply. Note that states that recognize the NV and UT permits are very specific on whether they will recognize a permit issued to someone under 21. Do your research.
    • NEVADA: Issues CCWs to those over 21 years old, and Active Duty or Honorably Discharged military personnel that are 18 to 20 years old.
    • UTAH: Issues Provisional permits to people who are 18 to 20 years old.
      • This permit expires on their 21st birthday, when they would apply for a Standard UT permit. No training is required at that point, as the training requirements are the same for both permits. Simply fill out an application and enclose a copy of the Provisional Utah permit.
      • A list of states that recognize both the Standard and Provisional Utah CFP: States that Recognize the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit (CFP) - Standard & Provisional
  • For Nevada and Utah, you must demonstrate safe weapons handling and competency with your weapon to the CCW instructors. The Nevada 30-round qualification test satisfies this requirement, which is why all CCW course students are required to shoot the NV qualification test.
  • You must have the state’s statutes lectured to you. We cover the statutes only for Utah and Nevada during the CCW course. It will be up to you to meet this requirement for any other states you wish to apply to.
  • Nevada also requires that you take a written test.


Which is the best CCW to apply for?

Laws change constantly. While you are here for the CCW course, you have the opportunity to apply for Nevada and Utah permits. You will also qualify to apply for others, such as Florida, Virginia, Arizona, etc. You may also choose to take the completed Nevada and Utah paperwork home, do some additional research, and decide which ones to apply for. You have ONE YEAR from the date of the CCW course to turn in your paperwork for Nevada and Utah. Nevada and Utah permits are good for five years from date of approval.


Will training at Front Sight help me get a permit in Illinois or California?


  • Illinois: If you apply for Nevada, Florida, and/or Utah permits, you can receive four hours of training credit each, for up to eight hours total. You would then need an additional eight hours of training from a certified IL instructor to complete your training. You will need to make copies of two of the three permits listed above to submit with your IL application and IL training certificate.
  • California: See the CA county list at the end of this page for a list of the counties who responded “Yes” to accepting our training.

How do I get a CCW in a state where it is difficult to obtain one?

It can boil down to something as simple as how involved you are with your community and local charity events, or who you know and your status within the community. The simplest solution is to talk to someone in your community who already possesses a CCW and find out how they got it.


What states recognize my state’s CCW?

What states will I be able to legally carry a concealed handgun in?

What other states' permits does Nevada recognize?


The legislation pertaining to CCWs is constantly changing. Visit for up-to-the-minute information on your state’s laws and permit recognition between states.

Click on your state’s abbreviation on the map to view information on your state.

To view a coverage map based on selected permits, click “Create a License Map” on the left side of the page. After reading the information displayed, click “Go to Create a Map” in the upper right corner of the page.

You can also Click Here to visit the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s CCW recognition page.

Check prior to arrival in Nevada to ensure your permit is still valid in Nevada! This list is usually reviewed and possibly modified on or before July 1st every year.

Remember that you are responsible for knowing the laws of the state you hold the permit in, as well as the laws of the state you are using that permit in.


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How much are the application fees?



  • AFTER 01 July 2019:
    • $100.25 Initial Application fee
    • $65.25 Renewal Application fee
    • $80.25 Renewal Application fee when permit is expired less than 120 days
  • Permits expired more than 120 days require a new application
  • Non-residents and Nye County residents going to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office:
    • Cash (exact change), money order, Visa, or MasterCard when appearing in person at the NCSO Monday through Friday between 8:00 and 3:00.
    • Cash note: "exact change" means it must be the exact, correct amount down to the penny. NCSO cannot “keep the extra for their coffee fund,” etc. No exceptions.
  • Nevada resident, but not a Nye County resident:
    • You will go to the designated agency for the county in which you reside, usually the Sheriff’s Office. For Clark County, go to the Las Vegas Metro PD.



  • Initial Application fee:
    • $63.25 for non-residents
    • $53.25 for residents
  • Money order payable to “Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification” (Utah BCI). You will be taking your Utah application with you after the CCW course, so you can purchase the money order at your convenience.
  • Utah will also accept Visa, MasterCard, or personal checks.


Do I need any special information or documents to fill out the paperwork?

  • The address on your state’s Driver’s License does NOT need to match your physical address. There are spaces on all the forms for both your physical address and mailing address, if different.
  • If you were born outside the United States and are a US citizen, you must provide proof of citizenship for all applications. (Birth certificate, passport, etc.)
  • If you are resident alien, you must have your residence card and proof of residency. (Three months of utility or phone bills, etc. usually works.)
  • For your Nevada form, you will need to know:
    • If employed, your employer’s business name, address, and phone number.
    • Residence addresses for the last 10 years for your initial application; last five years for renewal applications.
      • If you are Active Duty Military, or were serving in the last 10 years, you will use your home of record for the appropriate time periods.
      • If you were in school and living in numerous dorms or apartments around your campus inside that five or 10 year period, use your parent’s address for that time period.


Does Nevada require a copy of my state’s CCW?

No. At this time Nevada is not concerned with any other permits you may or may not have.


Does Utah require a copy of my state’s CCW?

Yes, for both initial and renewal applications, ONLY IF the state you live in recognizes the Utah permit.


How difficult are the written and shooting tests to get my Nevada CCW?

They are very simple. Very few people have difficulty passing the tests.


I am not planning to apply for a Nevada CCW. Do I still have to shoot the Nevada qualification test?

Yes. Utah and some other states require that you demonstrate safe weapons handling and competency with your weapon to the CCW instructors. The Nevada 30-round qualification test satisfies this requirement, which is why all CCW course students are required to shoot the NV qualification test.


How many handguns may I qualify with for my CCW?

You will qualify with one gun. Nevada and Utah are not weapon-specific. You can qualify for the Nevada and Utah permits with any handgun, even a gun you rented from us. Front Sight requires that you use the same gun you used for your Defensive Handgun course.


What if I want to qualify with a different weapon than what I used for the Defensive Handgun course?

Nevada and Utah require you to demonstrate safe weapons handling and competency. We therefore require that you use the SAME weapon that you used for your Defensive Handgun course, as you have had plenty of practice using it during your course.


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Why is it that only completion of a 2- or 4-Day Defensive Handgun course, along with the immediately following scheduled 1-Day CCW course qualifies me to apply for Nevada and Utah?

Nevada, Utah, and some other states mandate a minimum amount of training to obtain a CCW. Part of that training is in safe weapons handling, and part is required lectures. States that require training want their applicants to receive Moral & Ethical Decisions on the Use of Deadly Force, Problems 2 & 3, Criminal & Civil Liabilities, weapon selection, care and cleaning, and proper storage, along with state and federal statutes, as well as weapons handling training.

Completion of our 2- or 4-Day Defensive Handgun course and the immediately following scheduled 1-Day CCW course is the only combination that meets the training requirements for Nevada, Utah, and some other states.

Arizona, Florida, and Virginia, among some states, just require weapons handling training along with the Moral & Ethical and Problems 2 & 3 lectures. A copy of your course certificate is the only thing you need to show “proof of training” to these states.

Note: We do not offer the 1-Day CCW course during the night courses, as they do not include the required classroom lectures.


Do I need a concealment garment for the CCW course?

No. Do not bring a fanny pack, shoulder holster, ankle holster, purse holster, etc. Although these are common forms of concealed carry, they are not suitable for safe range use, and are not required.


Do I need a holster and magazine pouches?

Yes. You should arrive geared up the same as you were for each day on the range during your course. Be sure to also bring your hat, eye protection and electronic hearing protection.


How much ammunition do I need?

You will need 30 rounds for your weapon.


Do I need to qualify with the ammunition I intend to carry?

No. You may qualify with any factory-made, full-metal jacket or jacketed hollow-point ammunition.


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What happens on the day of the CCW course?

  • The gate opens at 07:15. You will sign in in the classroom with the CCW instructors.
    • If you are attending a CCW course that starts on Friday, then you will sign in at Range 6 just like you did when you started your course, then go to the classroom. (Look for the CCW sign or ask the greeter at the classroom doors.)
  • Be early. The CCW course begins with shooting the Nevada qualification test as soon as the first 10~20 students are signed in, starting at 07:15.
  • Like your handgun course, you should arrive wearing your gear (belt, magazine pouch, holster, etc.). You will use the same gun you did for your Defensive Handgun course.
  • UNLIKE your handgun course, you will bring your eye protection, hearing protection, and ammunition (30 rounds) for the NV qualification test with you to the classroom. We will go from the classroom directly to the range, and then back to the classroom
  • After completing Sign-In with the CCW staff, you will receive a 3” x 5” card. Print your full name on the card and keep this card with you!
  • As soon as we have 10~20 students, we will brief the shooting test for that relay.
  • Make sure you have your magazines filled!
  • Once briefed, everyone in the CCW class will shoot the 30-round NV qualification test.
    • You will be shooting the same gun you did for your Defensive Handgun course.
    • You will be shooting only one handgun. Nevada, Utah, and most other states are NOT weapons-specific.
    • ANY safety violation is an automatic fail, the student will be dropped from the CCW course, and be required to re-do all the training again.
    • The test is not timed, and shot from the ready.
    • Fire six shots at the 3 yard line.
    • Fire 12 shots at the 5 yard line.
    • Fire 12 shots at the 7 yard line, and the test is complete.
  • After the test, you will return to the classroom for the mandatory statutes lecture and fingerprinting for Nevada and Utah.
  • We will then walk you through filling out the paperwork for Nevada and Utah. To avoid application processing delays, please do not fill out any paperwork until instructed to do so.
  • Once the paperwork is filled out, you will take the Nevada written test.
  • After you complete your test, you will have your Nevada form completed by a Nevada instructor, and your Utah form stamped with the Utah instructor’s red stamp.
  • Student lunch should start approximately at 12:00 ~ 12:30 which is a working lunch that allows you to finish the Nevada written test and your paperwork. (Times may vary depending on class size.)
  • Use your checklist to mark items you have completed. The checklist will also specify what must be included when you submit your application(s).
  • IMPORTANT: Before you leave, turn in your student contact sheet to the CCW instructors! We must have a record of you completing the course and what permits you applied for in order to send you replacement paperwork if needed.
  • Once your paperwork is complete, you are free to leave to turn in your Nevada paperwork to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office (non-residents).
    • Clark County residents: LVMPD will not accept your paperwork on the same day as your course, as the training certificate is stamped 8 AM to 5 PM to account for all five days of your training. Any day after your CCW course day is fine. The instructors will provide you with the address and other information for LVMPD’s fingerprinting office.


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How do I submit my application(s)?

Will I leave Front Sight with everything I need to get my CCWs?

There is still work to be done on your own to submit your application(s) after leaving Front Sight.


NEVADA Residents:

You will need to appear in person to get fingerprinted and photographed and have your local sheriff or law enforcement agency complete your application.


NEVADA Non-Residents:

You are being taught in Nye County, and must turn in your paperwork to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office. You will receive a pre-addressed mailing envelope for your Nevada application, which you will mail or deliver in person to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in Pahrump.

  • Non-Residents, Mail In: If you mail in your application, you will need to return to Pahrump to pick up your CCW in person because they will need to take your picture and get your digital signature in order to print your card.
  • Non-Residents, In Person: If you go to the Sheriff’s Office to turn in your paperwork in person:
    • You will need one black-and-white copy of your driver’s license, state ID, or passport on 8.5" x 11" paper for the NCSO.
    • The Sheriff’s Office will collect your fingerprints, digital photograph, and electronic copy of your signature, so they have all the required items to print your permit when you are approved.
    • Your permit will be mailed to you.



Your Utah application will be ready to go in the pre-addressed mailing envelope you will receive with your application. You will need to enclose a copy of your driver’s license and a passport photo. If the state you live in recognizes the Utah permit, you must also enclose a copy of your state’s CCW permit.



You will need to get fingerprinted by any law enforcement agency.


What if I live in Nevada, but not in Nye County?

We will sign the Nevada Training Certification page of your Nevada CCW application stating you have had the required training, but you still must complete the process with the Sheriff or law enforcement agency in your county of residence. Should your agency have any questions on whether we are authorized to teach Nevada CCW classes, have them contact the Nye County Sheriff’s Office at the Pahrump location, NOT Tonopah.


How do I know what to send where with my application(s)?

You will be provided a checklist. For states like Florida and Arizona that just require proof of training, you will need a copy of your latest certificate from your Defensive Handgun course. For replacement certificate copies, contact Course Administration at (702) 837-7433 or

Useful documents and links can be found on the CCW Permit course page at


What if I didn’t bring money orders?

Front Sight does not sell money orders.



In Person, NCSO: If you are applying for a Nevada permit in person at the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, money orders are available at numerous Pahrump locations, including:

  • Walmart Superstore. Customer Service is open 7 AM until 11 PM. Follow Hwy 160 into Pahrump, through the 2nd traffic light. Walmart is on the left. Accepts cash or debit cards to purchase money orders.
  • You will also pass by a Bank of America and a Wells Fargo Bank on Hwy 160 on your way to the NCSO.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office also accepts credit cards in person.

Mail In, NCSO: If you are mailing your Nevada application to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, you need to enclose a money order or cashier’s check. You will be provided with mailing envelopes for the Nevada application, so you can purchase a money order at your convenience.



You will be provided with a mailing envelope for the Utah application, so you can purchase a money order at your convenience. Utah also accepts credit cards.


How will I receive my permits?


  • If you are a Nevada resident, or a non-resident who went to the NCSO in person to be fingerprinted and photographed, your Nevada permit will be mailed to you.
  • If you are a non-resident who mailed in your application, you will be notified by mail or email that your permit is ready, and you must return to Pahrump to pick up your permit in person at the Sheriff’s Office. They will hold it for up to five years for pick-up. Keep in mind that the permit is valid for five years from the date of approval, not the date of pick-up.
  • If you are a Nevada resident, but not a Nye County resident, and turned in your paperwork to the designated agency in your county of residence, your Nevada permit will be mailed from that agency.



The permit is mailed directly to you from Utah.


How long will it take to get my permits?

Securing a CCW permit is a lengthy, bureaucratic process. Nevada can take up to 120 days. Utah tries to get their permits out within 60 days of processing your payment.


How do I renew my permits?



Nevada requires four hours of refresher training by a NV instructor inside the state of NV, along with re-shooting the NV qualification test. If you wish to use Front Sight for your refresher training, you will need to complete a 2- or 4-Day Defensive Handgun course along with the immediately following scheduled 1-Day CCW course in order to meet the NV renewal training requirements.



Before your permit expires, you should receive renewal paperwork in the mail. (Remember to keep your address current with Utah BCI; their mail is NOT forwarded!) Follow the instructions and return the renewal application and fee to Utah BCI. If you have NOT received renewal paperwork in the mail, you can renew online at BCI’s website if you are within 90 days of expiration.



AZ, FL, and VA, along with some other states, will send you the renewal paperwork to fill out and submit.


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The following links will be helpful when seeking additional, current information about various state laws:



NEVADA: Nevada Revised Statutes (CCW) and Las Vegas Metro PD CCW

ARIZONA: AZ Dept. of Public Safety - CCW page

Click the “Obtaining a Permit” button, then click the arrow next to “Applicant Instructions” and follow the directions to request an application. The email form is on the left side of the webpage, or you can click the link at the bottom of the Applicant Instructions to be taken to an email form webpage.

FLORIDA: Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs

VIRGINIA: VA State Police - Firearms


Open Carry Information:

You can also visit State Attorney General’s Office websites or contact them by phone when seeking information about that state’s concealed carry laws.

For questions or help regarding Front Sight’s CCW course, contact


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*Completion of a two- or four-day Defensive Handgun course plus the CCW course for approved firearms training, as well as additional training in the CA Penal Code, which is provided by a third party trainer, Safe Insight and completing their online course (approximately $50). You will then be emailed a completion certificate. Please print this certificate and bring it with you to present to your CCW instructors during the paperwork portion CCW course. This only applies to students living in counties that accept Front Sight’s training. If you complete the training after your CCW course, please email your Safe Insight training certificate to and a CA training letter will be emailed to you.

Alpine Modoc Shasta
Calveras Mono Sierra
El Dorado Monterey Sonoma
Kings Nevada Tehama
Los Angeles Orange Tulare
Madera Sacramento Toulumne

Your County Sheriff’s Office may tell you that your California permit is not valid outside the state of California. There are currently 23 other states that recognize the California permit.

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