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Front Sight Legacy Membership

FROM: Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Front Sight's Founder and Director
Four Weapons Combat Master
Your host of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Series

Hello again,

I'm pleased to see you are checking into our various Front Sight Memberships at Front Sight.

A Legacy Membership is the next step up from a Challenge Membership and is a great choice for the student who wants an emphasis on our most popular handgun courses plus our flagship tactical shotgun and practical rifle courses.

Over time, our goal is to positively change the image of gun ownership by training every law-abiding gun owner to levels that far exceed law enforcement and military standards.

As a Legacy member you are helping us achieve our goals and because of your participation

Here's what you get with your Front Sight Legacy Membership:


  • Attend the following courses free of charge as many times as you wish
    and as often as you wish:

    With a Front Sight Legacy Membership you have the opportunity to achieve a level of self defense comfort of skill at arms that most people could spend an entire career in the military or law enforcement and still not receive. This is not marketing hype. There is a good reason why Marine Corps officers, and law enforcement firearms instructors become members at Front Sight... It's because we can provide them with more consistent and expert firearms training than they get from their own agencies.

    And when you become a Front Sight Legacy Member you will get to train right alongside our nation's finest peacekeepers and warriors helping build a lifelong bond between the law-abiding armed citizens who are the backbone of our country's defense and the brave men and women who place themselves in harm's way on a daily basis to protect and serve our nation.

  • Guaranteed placement in your courses with two weeks' advance enrollment... No worries about whether your can "get into a course." As a member your spot is guaranteed. Just complete your online Application for Training prior to two weeks of the course date and you are in! Like everything else we offer, no other school can offer you such flexibility with your scheduling!
  • Invitation to the Annual July 4th Front Sight Members’ Reunion Celebration... So you and your family can celebrate July 4th each year in a manner that would make our Founding Fathers proud!
  • Name etched in future First Family Monument... So generations from now, your grandkids will know you were part of the patriotic group who built Front Sight!
  • Password to access exclusive and restricted First Family areas of web site and e-mail forum... Now you can positively converse with all of our like minded First Family members!
  • First Family card and First Family hat... Identifying you to all students and staff as a loyal and supportive patriot assisting us in positively changing the image of gun ownership in our lifetime!

Enroll online today with our Secure Enrollment Form below or simply call my office between the hours of 8am and 6pm PST at 1.800.987.7719 to enroll over the phone.

That VALUE of a Front Sight Legacy

As you know, the cost of a four day course alone at Front Sight is $2,000 and a Two Day Course is $1,000.

If you were to simply attend each course in your Legacy Membership just ONCE, the value is $15,000!

And we know you won't attend each course just once: especially the Handgun Skill Builder, Advanced Tactical Handgun and Handgun Combat Master Prep Courses. After attending all the courses, the Skill Builder, Advanced Tactical Handgun, and Combat Master Prep course will quickly become your favorites! We know this after watching thousands of students attend our courses...

We know what you will be saying to yourself and everyone who will listen back home...

The most common words we hear students say after the FIRST DAY of their FIRST COURSE is "I cannot believe how much I did not know!"

The most common words we hear from students after the SECOND DAY of their FIRST COURSE is, "I cannot believe how much I am learning!"

The most common words we hear from students after the THIRD DAY of their FIRST COURSE is "I can't wait to bring my family and friends back with me!"

And the most common words we hear from students after the FOURTH DAY of their FIRST COURSE is "I can't believe there is so much more to learn! I'm coming back for every course on my membership and bringing a different gun each time!"

Don't take our word for it, click on these videos and let members who recently attended courses at Front Sight tell you in their own words...

So if you attend each course JUST ONCE (which we know you won't) you get $15,000 in value... If you attend each course multiple times with different weapons (which we know you will do as much as possible) the value of your Legacy Memberships exceeds $50,000!

Why does this work for us? Because each time you return home you will tell everyone you know about what a great time you had at Front Sight and each time you return to Front Sight you will bring another family member or friend with you and help us grow our organization with great word of mouth referrals!

So you are going to get anywhere from $15,000 to over $50,000 of value out of your Front Sight Legacy Membership and we are going to get a lifetime of your good will, good words and great referrals! Everyone wins!

So What's it Going to Cost?

Front Sight Legacy Membership
In Three Easy Payment Options

___ 90 monthly credit card payments of $199 for a total cost of $17,910.

___ 60 monthly credit card payments of $249 for a total cost of $14,940 (You Save $2,970!)

___ Single payment of $9,900 (You Save $8,010!)

Credit Cards Accepted at Front Sight

So choose which payment plan you want and call my Office RIGHT NOW at 1.800.987.7719 to enroll over the phone or use the Secure On-Line Enrollment Form.

I look forward to seeing you at Front Sight as a Legacy Member and look forward to seeing your friends and family attending with you as well.


  Ignatius Piazza
Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
Four Weapons Combat Master

PS: If you are reading this after hours, complete the Secure On-Line Enrollment Form for immediate acceptance in the order in which it is received.

PPS: To see video testimonials of your fellow students sharing why a Front Sight Membership has made such a positive impact on their lives, click on testimonials.

All Front Sight Memberships offered in the past, the present, and future, including any special memberships not listed here, are NON REFUNDABLE.



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