How to Upload Photos to Facebook

Create a Facebook Account: If you don't have one yet, you will need to sign up on Facebook.
Click Here to go to
and use the form to sign up.

Like the Front Sight Page:

Go to the Official Front Sight Facebook Page and click the Like button.


Upload Your Photo:

After you have taken your picture, you will need to upload your photo to the Front Sight Facebook Page.

1. Make sure you are still on the Facebook home page: Official Front Sight Facebook Page

2. Click "Photo / Video" just below the Front Sight page details.


3. Click "Attach Photo / Video" from the new buttons that appear


4. Click the "Browse..." button


5. A File Box will appear. Find your photograph on your computer, and select it (click on it). Then click the "Open" button.


6. That will bring you back to your Facebook page. Click the blue "Post" button to upload the image to Front Sight's Facebook Page.


You're Done!

Don't forget to "like" your favorite images other people post by clicking on the Photos of Front Sght.